Finding an alternative route

Important: In the interest of safety and to avoid distractions while you are driving, you should always plan a route before you start driving.

To find an alternative route, do the following:

  1. Plan a route as usual.
  2. On the map view, select the route itself.
  3. Select the pop-up menu button to open the menu.
  4. Select Alternative Route and then select Find alternative.

    Up to three alternative routes are shown on the map view. Each alternative route shows the difference in travel time in a balloon.

    Tip: Information from the Lifetime Traffic service is used when calculating alternative routes. Any route that is 50% longer in time than the original route is not shown.

  5. Select your chosen route by tapping on the time balloon.

    Guidance to your destination begins. As soon as you start driving, the guidance view is shown automatically.

Note: There are two other ways of finding alternative routes:

1. Select Current Route in the Main Menu, followed by Find Alternative.

2. If your device has voice control, say "Find alternative".