Exporting tracks

About routes and tracks

The term "route" includes two types of path from one place to another:

Exporting tracks

You can export tracks as GPX files and save them on a memory card for sharing with other bikers.

To export one or more tracks, do the following:

  1. In the Main Menu, select My Routes.
  2. Select the pop-up menu button and then select Export Tracks.

    Tip: Alternatively, when in map view, select a route and select Export Track from the pop-up menu.

  3. Select one or more routes from your list for export.

    Note: Currently, you can export only tracks from your Rider.

    Tip: To select or deselect all routes for export, select the pop-up menu button.

  4. Select Export.

    You see a message Exporting routes.

    Tip: If there is not enough space on your memory card or your card is not formatted correctly, you get on-screen help to fix the problem.

  5. When you see a message that your routes have been exported successfully, remove your memory card to share your routes with other bikers.

    Note: Each exported route is saved as a GPX file in folder TomTom Routes on your memory card.