Importing a track GPX file

GPX files (GPS exchange format)

GPX files contain a very detailed recording of a route, including any off-road locations. A GPX file might contain, for example, a tourist route or a preferred fixed route. You can find collections of .GPX files on the Internet and upload them to My Routes using MyDrive in a web browser. GPX files become tracks after import.

Tracks have a beginning and an end but no stops, and there's a fixed map-dependent route between these points. Your device follows this fixed route as closely as possible. You can edit tracks using tools such as Tyre Pro.

Using GPX files

You use MyDrive on your computer to import .GPX track files to your TomTom device. The tracks are saved in the My Routes menu. Your device will navigate along the GPX track exactly and will not offer to replan your route, even if a faster route is available.

Importing a track GPX file

Note: Your VIA needs at least 400 MB free space before it can import .OV2 and .GPX files. If you see the message You need more space, make space available by deleting unwanted .OV2 or .GPX files using MyDrive, or deleting device content, for example delete a map you don't use.

To import a .GPX file using MyDrive, do the following:

  1. Connect your VIA to your computer using MyDrive Connect.
  2. In MyDrive, select My Routes.
  3. Select Import a GPX File and browse to your .GPX track file.

    Tip: The name of the track file in My Routes will be the same as the name of the .GPX file. Edit the name of the file so that you can easily recognise it in My Routes.

    Your new track is shown in the My Routes list.

  4. Wait for the track file to upload to your VIA.
  5. Open My Routes.

    Your imported track is shown in your My Routes list.