The route bar

The route bar is shown when you have planned a route. It has an arrival information panel at the top, and a bar with symbols underneath.

Tip: You can also choose to see a wider route bar showing additional route information (not available on all devices or apps).

Note: The distance ahead shown by the route bar depends on the overall length of your route.

The arrival information panel shows the following information:

Tip: If your destination is in a different time zone, you see a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign and the time difference in hours and half hours in the arrival information panel. The estimated time of arrival is the local time at your destination.

  • The estimated time that you will arrive at your destination.
  • The length of time to drive to the destination from your current location.
  • A parking button is shown near the destination flag when parking is available near your destination.

    If you have stops on your route, select this panel to change between information about the next stop and your final destination.

    You can choose the information you see on the arrival information panel.

    Traffic status - if your Rider isn't receiving any traffic information, a symbol showing traffic with a cross appears underneath the arrival information panel.

    The bar uses symbols to show the following information:

  • A faster route, if there is traffic on your route.
  • The stops on your route.

    Tip: To quickly remove a stop, select it in the route bar and use the pop-up menu.

  • Gas stations that are directly on your route.
  • TomTom Traffic incidents.
  • TomTom Safety Cameras and Danger Zones.
  • Rest stops directly on your route.

    You can choose the information you see on your route.

    The symbols are in the order that they occur on your route. For traffic incidents, the symbol for each incident alternates between showing the type of incident and the delay in minutes. Select a symbol to see more information about a stop, an incident or a safety camera. If a symbol is shown on top of another symbol, selecting the symbols zooms in on the route bar to show each symbol separately. You can then select a symbol.

    The total time delay due to traffic jams, weather, and other incidents on your route, including information provided from historical road usage, is shown above the symbols.

    For a complete list of incident types, see Traffic incidents.

The bottom of the route bar represents your current location and shows the distance to the next incident on your route. In addition, you can choose to see the current time if you turn the setting on.

Note: To make the route bar more readable some incidents may not be shown. These incidents will always be of minor importance and only cause short delays.

The route bar also shows status messages, for example Finding fastest route or Playing route preview.